Monday, July 25, 2016

Weekend Recap

Last week was a tough one.  Nothing major, but I’m hoping this week is much better.

For starters, S has had a really tough time with his last few teeth.  He was sleeping through the night, but for the past 3 weeks or so, he’s woken up at least one time nearly every night.  One tooth has poked through and another looks to be on the verge.  Needless to say, A and I are both very tired.

On Tuesday, A took Addie to her semiannual checkup.  She had a reaction to the Bordetella vaccine – strange because it’s never happened before.  She’s been miserable since A picked her up – sneezing, congested, lethargic.  Definitely not herself.  She’s been keeping us up at night sneezing constantly (and we already get no sleep thanks to S. :P).  After a few calls to the vet and Benadryl, she seems a little better, but not back to normal.

On Wednesday, S had a procedure performed.  I won’t go into detail – it wasn’t anything major.  BUT he’s been very sore since.  He was already a bit cranky because of teeth and lack of sleep, but with this added procedure, he definitely hasn’t been himself.

Throw in 90+ degree temperatures and storms and we’ve been spending more time inside than we’d like.  Boo.

There were a few highlights from this weekend… On Friday, W had a play date with a friend from preschool.  Elena is a total sweetheart and her mom is one of the few I’ve talked to at school.  Elena and W seem to have similar personalities so I thought they might get along well together.  W and I were invited over and it was adorable seeing W and Elena play together.  It was the first time I’ve really seen him conversing with someone his age.  Elena’s mom has also gone through IVF and even had a gestational surrogate carry Elena so we discussed our infertility experiences.  We’re definitely looking forward to future play dates. J

Saturday, W had swim lessons.  He doesn’t like going underwater so we’ve stalled a bit.  On the bright side, he does like kicking and moving his arms.  S got his hair cut and we went grocery shopping.

Sunday, was church.  Nani and Papa joined us and we all went out to breakfast.  The afternoon was spent playing in the kiddie pool.  I made homemade mac and cheese – it’s the only mac and cheese that W eats – tooting my own horn here.  We also started potty training W.  I know W CAN go on the potty.  While out to breakfast, he told me he had to go, we went to the restroom and he went.  But at home, he’ll tell me he wants to wear a diaper.  I think he doesn’t like the inconvenience of having to stop playing in order to go to the bathroom. :\  I’m not sure how to convince him.  He did go on the potty several times, but he also went in his diaper.  We’re making progress, but I’m not sure how to do away with the diapers completely.  Maybe we just need to stop buying them and he won’t have a choice. J

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