Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Hump Day

Since I stopped nursing, I’ve gained about 5 pounds back.  I expected that to happen as I’m no longer burning calories by feeding Baby Hercules.  I thought I’d try to eat better and cut out some of the pop (soda).  That was all well and good until the work barista started preparing daily specialty drinks in the form of the Oreo Latte, Cherry Chocolate Latte, and S’mores Latte… for FREE.  And I have no will power.  None. Nada.  Also, when you’re going on minimal sleep, a caffeinated delicious beverage is not going to be turned down.  New plan: smaller portions, more walks with the boys, avoid all bathing suits.

Our weather has been gorgeous and we’ve all been enjoying some time outdoors.  We typically don’t see much of a spring so we’re taking full advantage.

Speaking of outdoors, since the boys have been getting fresh air, you’d think they’d be sleeping better.  And you’d be wrong. Ha.  Actually, W has been sleeping well for the most part, but S occasionally wakes him (despite closed doors and 3! white noise machines).  And S is up nearly every.single.night. :O

Every day, I think about the state of our family and wonder if it will grow or if we’ll remain a family of 4.  I’m not sure why this has been so heavy on my heart and on my mind lately.  Perhaps it has to do with my baby recently turning one.  I’ve started praying about it and I’m constantly reminding myself to just trust God’s plan for us.

Donald Trump.  Why?  Just why?  Why on Earth are people voting for him?  I can’t comprehend. 

I didn’t intend for this blog to turn into weekend recaps and random thoughts, but somehow that’s what happened. :\



    1. Yikes. I don't understand why anyone would support this guy.