Monday, March 14, 2016

Weekend Recap

I am definitely not a fan of this changing of the clocks.  The boys have never been good sleepers and now Spring comes along and decides to mess with their bed time.  And let’s not forget the whole losing an hour of precious sleep that accompanies the time change.  Not cool.  Anyway.  By this time next Monday, we’ll be on our way to Florida.  And I may be freaking out just a tad.  Mainly about S sleeping (or not sleeping) and 13 family members sharing one house.  Will S wake everyone up?  Will the kids drive everyone crazy?  Will I drive everyone crazy?  Will my sister in law go into labor?  Time will tell…  Whatever happens, it can’t be worse than a Donald Trump rally… haha.  Kidding.  Kind of.  Ok, enough of my bad jokes and on to the weekend recap…

We decided to head to BB’s on Friday for their buffet as we often do.  S was getting a bit restless towards the end of the meal so when I finished eating, I took him to the lobby where he could walk around a bit.  I guess W wanted to know where S and I were so my mom brought him over.  She went back to the table and I let the boys wander around the lobby and sit in the big arm chairs.  The staff has seen us many times and they often stop over to say hello.  At one point, W starts pointing excitedly and saying loudly “Church people!!  Church people, mommy!!  Church people!!”.  I couldn’t help, but laugh.  Now, W was pointing to an elderly man and I had no idea who he was.  I assumed that the man reminded W of someone from church (since there are quite a few elderly gentleman at church) and I quietly said, “Yes, I see.  Is that one of our church friends?”  And once again W practically yelled, “our church friend!!”.  He was so excited and proud of himself.  Well sure enough, the man made his way over to us and said, “You go to St. Dismas, right?”.  Super impressed that W recognized this man when I clearly did not.  Also, we need to work on being discreet. ;)

Saturday we all got our hair cut (except for A).  It was S’s first haircut and he did really well.  W is practically a pro by now and enjoys the cookies and lollipops that come with a haircut.  That evening, we went to my mom’s house for our annual corned beef dinner.  A had steak because he doesn’t like corned beef (lame).  The boys had fun playing with the toys at grandma’s and visiting her cats.

Hey ladies... how you doin??

Sunday was our usual routine.  On the way home from Starbucks, I caught the boys holding hands in the back seat and it was the cutest thing I’ve even seen.  In full disclosure I think they were sort of shaking hands and playing, but close enough to holding hands.  S was laughing at W and it gave me hope that these two might actually get along some day – even if only for a brief period of time. J

I actually felt put together today.  Also, this is the shortest my hair has been in awhile, but it seems so much lighter and healthier so I'm liking it. :)  Probably should've cropped out the tp, huh. ;)

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