Monday, March 7, 2016

Our Weekend and S at 13 Months

Oh Monday… why do you always sneak up on me??  Nothing really exciting to note about this weekend except we took S in for his one year checkup.  Dude weighs 27lbs 6oz – more than several of my friends’ 3 year olds.  He’s in the 98th percentile.  A and I have agreed that our kiddos will not play football, but perhaps S can be one of those power home run hitting baseball players - a la Babe Ruth. J  Poor guy got 3 vaccinations and was none too pleased.  He did however walk out of the doctor’s office cool as a cucumber.  A funny story about this:  S loves to walk.  I held his hand as we walked out of the office and he was totally content.  W loves to be carried.  So as we were walking out of the office and into the lobby, W was having a little fit.  A paused and told him to use his words and ask nicely if he wanted to be picked up and all was well.  BUT you should have heard the other people in the waiting room.  So many “AWWWs” and “poor guy…”.  Clearly they thought W had just seen the doctor.  Umm nope. 

Since S is now 1 year and 1 month, I wanted to give a little update (I love looking back at these as the boys grow)…

At one year, one month, S is walking all over the place and sometimes running.  He falls often, but it doesn’t even phase him.  He gets right back up and keeps on going.  He’s developed quite a temper and has no problem expressing his displeasure.  This is much different from his easy going/super content baby days.  He’s basically mad any time he can’t keep up with big brother and throws a fit.  Dude knows what he wants.  He’ll even throw objects down in anger.  Whoa.  He loves to look out the window and loves to explore.  He HATES being left alone and will freak out if he realizes he’s alone.  Separation anxiety is at an all-time high.  He’s definitely trying to talk.  He’s been saying mama, dada, and no, but has recently been trying to say Addie, up, and cheese (when taking a photo).  He also sings Row, Row, Row, Your Boat… “row, row, row, bow”, which is adorable.  He LOVES to dance and generally starts shaking it whenever he hears music.  He’s still a pretty good eater, but prefers meats and breads.  He’s a daredevil and climbs on everything.  Sleep has hit an all-time low.  He’s a great napper (2+ hours, typically), but wakes up every night.  I’ve received lots of advice, but I think this is just something we have to get through.  And I think there are many reasons for his waking.  He only has 5 teeth so it’s possible he’s teething.  Separation anxiety is a huge deal for him.  He wakes up crying hard and stops as soon as one of us opens his door.  We’ve been giving him a bottle when he wakes, which I know is a big no no.  But I also know A and I need sleep and it’s the sure fire way to calm little man and get him back to sleep.  And the whole notion that sleep begets sleep… I think it’s a bunch of baloney.  If my kids go to bed earlier, they wake up earlier.  I’m not convinced.  One day, we’ll all sleep through the night.  Actually, we usually get one night each week. J  I’ve accepted that my boys are just poor sleepers and that’s that.  W has finally figured it our so maybe there’s hope for S…

I can’t imagine our lives without S.  I’m so thankful for our little big guy. J

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