Friday, March 18, 2016

Friday Thoughts

Oh heyyy Friday, it’s about time.

So last night, S wore up around 11pm and then again at 3:30am.  W woke up at 5am.  Addie peed on the carpet again.  And I woke up with a massive headache.  But it’s Friday.  And we’re having pizza for dinner.  And I got my iced coffee.  And after today, I don’t have to work for 9 days straight.  SO things are looking up.  Also, I’ll have 2 posts today.  How’s that for overachievement?!?

Are you participating in NCAA bracket challenges?  A and I do every year.  I typically start out strong and then fade fast. J  I’m in 3rd place in both pools I entered so things can only go down from here.  Haha.  Poor A is in dead last in one of the pools… I shouldn’t find it funny, but I do. ;)

I’m hosting a wine tasting tomorrow for a few friends and family.  I would not have picked tomorrow, but it was the only date the company had available and my certificate expired at the end of March.  So tomorrow it is.  Should be fun…  I hope.

We’re also visiting the Easter bunny tomorrow.  W usually thinks these characters are funny, while S is scared out of his mind.  We’ll see what tomorrow brings.  Hoping for some good (hilarious) photos! J

Here’s hoping we have a great vacation… I can’t believe we’ll be in Florida in just a few days!

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