Monday, December 28, 2015

S is 10 Months Old!

Dear S,
Happy 10 months sweet boy! Double digits!!
This month was a tough one in terms of health. You had two back to back colds. Fortunately, they didn't turn into anything worse and neither required a doctors visit, but you weren't yourself and had lots of trouble sleeping. You also added more teeth - your top two came through and you're working on a few others.

You weigh nearly 25 lbs and you're 29 inches long. 95th percentile and 77th percentile, respectively.
You continue to be a very happy baby. The only thing that really seems to bother you is loud noises.

You have this bashful routine where someone will say hello to you. In response, you flash them a big grin and then bury your head in the shoulder of the person holding you. Very cute!

You've started pointing to things and it seems like you're trying to talk, but I can't definitively say that you're saying words. You've looked at me and said "mama" and said "eee" while looking at the Christmas tree, but I'm chalking it up to coincidence.

You're obsessed with Wheel of Fortune. When it comes on, you refuse to eat until commercial break. You'll sit and watch contently while the letters are called. You love playing with the tv remotes and the other day you flipped through channels and actually stopped on Wheel of Fortune.

smile emoticon
You celebrated your first Thanksgiving this month and we're so excited for your first Christmas.
Happy 10 months! You are our everything and more, S.

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