Tuesday, December 15, 2015


In the past couple days, my brother was admitted to the hospital (he's ok and home now), W has been a bit more “spirited” than usual, S no longer sleeps through the night, W bit his finger at Starbucks and was so upset that he gagged on the bagel that was in his mouth (sorry fellow Starbucks patrons), and I dropped my iPhone and cracked the screen (only a month away from my contract ending and thus being eligible for a new phone).  I thought my phone was fixed only to have it no longer charge - it is currently dead (traded one problem for another).  That meant I missed my morning meeting (which, if I’m being honest, wasn’t all that disappointing, but I did feel like a slacker).  Work has been crazy.  With the added phone repair, I didn’t arrive home until 6:30 yesterday.  A very long day.

And this is hardly worth mentioning aside from the sheer irony, but my fantasy football team made the playoffs only to have 3 players sustain injuries.  I don’t really care, I just wonder what the odds of a QB, tight end, and running back all going down in the same weekend are.

I know these are all minor issues in the grand scheme of things and I’ll resolve the phone problems even if that means shelling out a couple hundred dollars for a new one (on top of the hundred I already spent), but these haven’t exactly been my favorite days.

The boys visited Santa on Saturday and I’ll share those pictures soon.  It was… entertaining.

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