Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Tuesday Thoughts - Just Because....

It’s so nice being at work when no one else is… So QUIET.  Ahhhh.

The boys received amazing gifts for Christmas.  If you have preschool boys, my recommendations are as follows:

Magna Tiles – a big hit in our house.
Floor Puzzles – W has mastered most of these.  I love that they are time consuming and require problem solving, shape recognition, and fine motor skills!
Street Rug – W has played on this for an hour straight.  He drives cars and trucks up and down the roads, builds garages, and sets up garbage bins (see below).
Garbage Truck with garbage/recycle bins – Little boys LOVE garbage trucks.  Bonus points if it comes with a garbage bin.  W lines up the bins and tells me it’s garbage day.  He then tells me the recycling has been picked up, but the truck needs to return for the garbage.
Little Tikes vehicles/accessories – We have a fire truck, police car, gas pump, and shopping cart.  All are played with extensively and loved!
Play food – Hape makes adorable play food.  W has made me several pizzas already. ;)

I’ve tried to keep my boys names anonymous on the blog.  I do share plenty of pictures (I didn’t at first), but there’s something about the world having access to both photos and names that makes me a little nervous.  Well, if you read my birthday post yesterday, you likely saw W’s name.  Ooops.  You see, I publish the boys’ birthday posts on Facebook first and then share them on the blog.  So yes, I forgot to remove W’s name.   It’s probably happened previously, but this is the first time I noticed. J

Ok, time to whine.  There’s this girl I know who likes to copy me and it’s been going on forever.  It stared at my first job.  She was my coworker and I noticed she would come in wearing the same exact clothes I had.  Then she had a Lia Sophia party.  Remember when those used to be really popular?  Anyway, she ordered the same exact jewelry I did.  She asked me for information on my wedding planner and ended up hiring her.  When I left my job, she applied for my old job (and didn’t get it – HA).  I posted on Facebook asking if any of my friends were doing Stitch Fix because I wanted to hear about their experiences.  So she signed up for Stitch Fix.  She applied at my current place of employment and asked me to help her get a job (which didn’t happen).  She saw a family picture and asked where it was taken so she could have family pictures taken there (I didn’t respond to her question).  And finally, she just shared a video of her son’s birthday party in which she had the same exact theme/décor as W's birthday party.   Like I found cups on Etsy and somehow she had the same exact cups.  That’s weird, right?  And I find it incredibly annoying.  Maybe I need to be more careful about what I share on social media.  There’s only one me…

And finally, because they're cute...

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