Tuesday, June 14, 2016

W Says...

Sunday, W spent the majority of the day sleeping or lying on the couch.  He was a coughing/snotty mess.  I thought there was no way he’d make it to school on Monday and even suggested that A call and find out if the week’s tuition could be applied to another week.  And then W woke up Monday, a ball of energy, a few sniffles, but nearly back to normal.  If only I could recover from a cold that quickly!  So off to school he went.  He’s had a few funny lines lately so I wanted to document them…

“Grandma doesn’t have a computer!  Grandma doesn’t have a iPad!  Grandma only has a little phone that doesn’t even have a play button!”

W had a bin of foam blocks and was tossing some in the air.  He yelled out “I’m tossing my nuts!!”.  I HAVE NO IDEA…

A couple Sundays ago W and I had the following conversation:
W: “Mommy, are people sleeping right now?”
Me:  Confused.  “No, it’s afternoon.  Everyone is awake now.”
W: “But you said Sunday was a day for rest.”

W was looking at a picture of the family at Disney World in 2012.  I was newly pregnant with W at the time. J  Anyway, I happened to be wearing a cute strapless sundress in the photo and W started naming everyone pictured… “Aunt Lori, Grandma, Daddy… Mommy’s dress is falling off!”

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