Monday, March 20, 2017

Weekend Recap

This weekend had a little of everything – good, bad, fun, exhaustion, etc…

I’ve mentioned a few times that S hasn’t been sleeping well and wakes nearly every night.  A and I are just going with it, chalking it up to molars, and hoping it’s a temporary thing.  We’ve been trying to alternate who gets up with him.  Anyway, Thursday night, S woke per usual and A got up with him.  Typically, we give him milk and he falls back asleep after some time.  But on this night, I could hear S crying/screaming for mommy, which he doesn’t usually do.  I was about to get up when A came in our room and told me S had thrown up everywhere.  Is there anything worse than puke in the middle of the night?!?  I went in and S was so upset/screaming/inconsolable.  He was also burning up.  I thought we might have to take him to the ER because I knew he had a high fever.  Have I mentioned that S refuses medicine?  Yeah.  I attempted to squirt some grape Motrin in his mouth only to have him gag and start spitting up more.  Eventually he quieted down and I rocked him until he fell back asleep.  I was still really worried about him, but he didn’t feel as hot to me.  I just prayed that some of the Motrin stayed in him.

When he woke on Friday morning, S still had a slight fever.  I gave him a bath and washed all his bedding and blankets (so thankful to be working from home that day!!).  For the most part, he was himself.  Unfortunately, A was now sick too. :(

Also on Friday morning, we had a leprechaun visit!  The boys made a leprechaun trap with Nani on Thursday and on Friday, discovered gold coins and 4 green gummy bears that the leprechaun left behind.  Upon seeing them, W said, “I eated the gummy bears, but I’m gonna save these two for my brother.”  Melt my heart. (He never says the past tense of 'eat' correctly and I find it hilarious)

S ended up taking a two hour nap and I was able to sneak Motrin and Tylenol in some apple juice throughout the day.

At one point in the day, I was working in the extra bedroom and could hear the boys coming up the stairs.  I looked out the door to see the boys holding hands as they reached the top couple steps.  W approached and told me my mom (who was watching them that day) was in the bathroom so he helped S up the stairs.  I’ve been waiting for this day for the past two years!!  It was so nice to see my two loves getting along and helping one another.

The remainder of the day was mostly non-eventful with S acting pretty normal and A continuing to feel worse.

Friday night, S woke again, as usual, but when I went in, he had no fever whatsoever and fell back asleep quickly.  A on the other hand, had developed a bad cough and cold.

Saturday morning, S woke totally fine with no symptoms whatsoever.  He had preschool and I figured it was ok to bring him.  We had fun painting, playing, and dancing, but at this point, I was so darn tired.  Getting up with S every night was getting to me.  After preschool we stopped at Starbucks and waited for A and W to come home from swim class.  Coffee has never tasted so good!

We were supposed to go to my mom’s house for St. Patrick’s Day dinner and I was really looking forward to it.  I offered to just bring the boys so A could stay home and rest, but he wanted to come with.  When we arrived, he headed straight to bed where he slept for the next 2+ hours.  Not sure why he didn’t just stay home. :)  The boys had a blast playing with my mom’s cat.  Not sure why they’re so obsessed.  S ate: corned beef, potatoes, cream of chicken soup, apple sauce, strawberries, ramen noodles, goldfish crackers, and then cake.  Needless to say, he was feeling better!  A continued to rest for most of the afternoon/evening.

Sunday, I suggested A stay home while I took the boys to church, but he was feeling a little better.  We did our usual routine of church, Starbucks, and groceries.  The boys are all about mommy lately and I have to share this prime example.  At Starbucks, the boys had to go to the bathroom so I asked A if he’d mind taking them.  I had to go too and just wanted to pee in peace (sorry, TMI).  While in the bathroom, I could hear S crying and W complaining outside the door.  I opened the door and they were both waiting for me to take them to the bathroom.  So even though A was offering to help and the men’s bathroom was empty, they waited for me.  What?!?  When it was time to go, both W and S wanted me to carry them.  Never mind that they’re both perfectly capable of walking.  I had picked up W first so my mom picked up S.  S was still fussing and reaching for me so I grabbed him with my left arm and had W in my right.  70lbs of children.  I headed to the door laughing because I knew I looked crazy and I just found the situation comical.  People were jumping from their chairs to open the doors for me.  I didn’t realize I was causing a scene.  When I got outside, S had already started sliding down and I set him on the sidewalk.  He was off balance and ended up “falling” on his butt.  Not a big deal at all.  A lady basically came running over and asked if he was ok.  The whole thing was just absurd. 

When we got home from grocery shopping, A told me to leave.  Something along the lines of “just get out and do anything.”  I can’t shower, go to the bathroom, put on makeup, or walk up stairs without someone following me or asking me questions.  It’s “mommmmyyyyyyy” all day long.  And for the most part, I don’t mind.  But it can be exhausting.  Especially this weekend when A wasn’t feeling well.  I declined A’s invitation to leave, but I appreciate that he understands how mentally and physically exhausting it can be.  Especially for an introvert like me who craves alone time.

Anyway, I ended up going to Target with W to pick out a new lamp for S’s room (the original had broken) and we finished the day by celebrating our nephew’s birthday with a little pizza outing.

When both boys were in bed and I headed into the bedroom to change into my pjs, I couldn't help smiling.  Yes, our days can be all consuming and exhausting, but it's a wonderful feeling to be so loved.  I wasn't sure what to expect with having boys, but my boys sure love their mom and I wouldn't change them for the world. :)

A still isn’t feeling great, but he does seem to get a little better each day.  Hoping he can shake this virus soon.  Of course he has conferences this week so it will be a long week for everyone. :P

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