Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Stitch Fix #14

Stitch Fix #14 arrived recently.  In the note to my stylist, I explained that despite our cold temperatures, I was ready for spring and hoped to receive some spring-like items.  I had pinned quite a few on my Pinterest board and let my stylist know that it would be a good place to start.  As soon as I received the shipping notification, I decided to peek and see what was headed my way.  And here’s where I sound like a spoiled brat… Initially, I was really disappointed and thought there was no way my usual stylist, Kate, had styled this Fix.  I was so sure this had to have come from a different stylist.  Then I came to my senses and told myself I was being ridiculous and maybe Kate thought I should consider stepping out of my comfort zone and try different items for a change.

It turns out that my intuition was correct and Kate was not my stylist this time around.  Although the items I received weren’t from my Pinterest board, they were spring-like and narrowly missed the mark.  When I examined them in person, I understood why the new stylist had chosen them.

First up, the Sana Floral Print Infinity Scarf.  Did I need another scarf?  Nope?  Was this one gorgeous?  Heck, yes.  I have to say that I think scarves in general look terrible on me.  They make my hair stick out and I look like I have no neck.  Does this happen to anyone else?  Instead of my hair looking full and like it has a lot of body, it looks more like a triangle.  Anyway.  I think everyone else looks great in them, but I can’t seem to pull them off.  I thought this particular scarf, however, was beautiful.  It was thin enough so I didn’t feel like it was swallowing me up or making me uncomfortably hot.  And even if it looks like I have no neck and my hair sticks out, I think the pretty floral pattern detracts from that.  Ha.  KEEP

Next, the jeans.  Apologies because I tossed the style card before writing down the name of these.  Through a search, I think they may be the Level 99 Giovanni Ankle Jean, but I’m not certain.  Another trend that looks good on seemingly everyone else, but not me.  I cannot do colored denim.  I think it just accentuates my bottom half and does nothing for me.  I also have trouble figuring out what tops to wear (besides black) with colorful jeans.  This mauve color seemed especially bad for me.  Colorful denim is really in for spring and I can understand why my stylist sent these, but they’re just not for me.  I’m a dark denim all the way kinda girl.  RETURN

Next, the Lailya Jade Bowie Dolman Sleeve top.  I believe the style card suggested this was a light gray, but it looked white on me?  A’s take on this was, “it’s not bad”.  I don’t want to look ‘not bad’; I want to look fabulous!  I didn’t like the fit of this top in my mid-section.  Notice how you can see the lines of my jeans through the top.  No thank you.  And I was even wearing a cami under this.  Also, this top was a bit boring for me.  I think it could look really cute with a spring jacket and scarf, but it wasn’t right for me.  RETURN

I tried on the Daniel Rainn Narcissa Crochet Detail Blouse next.  Daniel Rainn tops are almost always an automatic keeper for me and this was no exception.  I love the loose fit of his tops and the pretty floral patterns.  I added a bright pink cardigan to bring out the pink in the flowers, but I think this would also look great with a neutral gray cardigan and white jeans.  Perfect for work and totally my style!  KEEP

Finally, the Gilli Tahj Maxi Dress.  I had requested a specific maxi dress from my Pinterest board, but mentioned that I always have trouble with maxi dresses being too long.  The dress I requested had a teal top and floral skirt – I thought it was gorgeous.  I didn’t love the pattern on the skirt of this particular dress – I’m more of a stripes and florals girl and this was a bit much for me.  My stylist sent me a petite since I was worried about the length, but I felt like the fit was off for me.  The top didn’t seem to hit at the right place and the skirt could have been just a bit longer (though I’m sure the regular size would have been way too long).  I will say that this dress was incredible soft and comfortable, but it missed the mark on fit/style.  RETURN

2/5 this time.  Not bad.  And I'm already looking forward to my next Stitch Fix!

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