Wednesday, November 9, 2016


Anyone else feeling shocked and horrified today?  I've already come close to bursting into tears multiple times.  I don't understand.  I can't make sense of it.  I'm afraid for the next four years and I truly believe this country has taken many, many steps backwards.  And for those who say nothing will change, I call bs.  You just showed the world that a misogynistic, hateful bully can win, which is the opposite of everything I was ever taught.

So with all that, how about a tiny bit of good news (because I'm trying to muster a bit of optimism, though it is incredibly difficult in this moment in time)...

A had CF Clinic yesterday and all went well.  His lung function remained stable.  His weight was down, but only by 2 pounds, so nothing major.  W was good company and kept us entertained.  He also had the staff fawning over him.  We did see the doctor that A and I aren't so keen on, but she's going on maternity leave soon... winning!  I also may be talking to a few couples about our experience starting a family, which I'm excited about.  I learned a lot during that process and I'm excited about the opportunity to share my knowledge and experience.  I really feel like I could help and provide support.


  1. I'm GUTTED.

    Thank you for sharing your good news.

    Wonderful that your husband had a good CF Clinic.

    A bright spot in my very gray day.

    1. Me too, me too. It seems impossible at the moment, but I hope we can all find a way to work together. Still very sad about the state of this nation.