Friday, November 18, 2016

Friday Thoughts

W's school was looking for volunteers this week.  Since I drop him off and pick him up and have already earned some volunteer hours, I asked A if he could miss a couple hours of school to help in W's class.  He agreed and W was so excited.  Normally, W's very much mommy's boy, but as soon as he woke up this morning, he exclaimed, "Daddy is coming to school with me today!!".  Aww.  They made "friendship soup" together and I hear that W loved every minute.

I finally got around to writing my latest Stitch Fix post - I'll share that next week.

I started ordering birthday and Christmas gifts.  Five packages arrived today.  Pretty sure the delivery man hates me.  Tis the season!

I love doing my makeup every day.  For me, it's fun and makes me feel good.  I've discovered a new lipstick that I'm obsessed with... Lipsense!  It lasts all day - through breakfast, lunch, etc. and still looks great!  And no, I don't sell it, I just love it.

Awkward lipsense selfie

I'm excited for Thanksgiving... my tummy is rumbling as I type that.  Yummmmm.

Happy Friday!!

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