Monday, November 7, 2016

Weekend Recap

We had nothing planned for the weekend (other than a haircut for me) and I wanted to make sure it stayed that way.  We’ve been so incredibly busy lately, I was in desperate need of some down time.  Our weather has been incredible and we spent much of Saturday outdoors.  W and A played at the park while S and I went for a walk.  I got my hair cut and changed it up a bit – shorter, added layers, and lowlights.  Not sure if I’m loving it, but trying to give it a chance and I really needed a change (just not sure this was the right change :\).  By the end of the day, the boys were worn out and went to bed early so A and I got to enjoy an episode of New Girl.  I also spent some time going through a stack of mail and gathering clothes to send for consignment.

Sunday was another beautiful day.  After church, Starbucks, and grocery shopping, we headed outside once again.  I raked leaves – 5 yard waste cans full, while A cut the grass and put up Christmas lights.  Note: we have no plans of turning the lights on any time soon, but it’s so much easier to put them up in 70 degree weather.  I made mostacolli for dinner and called it a day.

We received our family photos back from the photographer.  I think I look terrible in all of them.  Boo.  Scarves look good on everyone else, but I look like I have no neck and my hair looks crazy.  Double boo.  At least the boys look adorable!

Trying to respect A's wishes of not appearing on the blog... hahaha

I seriously cannot believe we’re into November – where is the time going?

And finally, A has clinic tomorrow so please send good thoughts our way. :)

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