Wednesday, May 13, 2020


I keep meaning to write a quick post.  Somehow it seems like there's less to do, but I'm busier than ever.  A couple weeks ago we had the best week and I was all "we've FINALLY got this quarantine situation figured out!".  And then the following Monday and Tuesday were a complete disaster and I realized that the previous week was a fluke.  Ha!  Really, though, this will never feel normal.  Some days are wonderful and others are terrible.  I've come to realize that W especially needs my undivided attention.  He just does.  And days in which I can do school lessons and focus on just him are usually good days.  S continues to amaze me with how much he's learned in the past couple months.  He writes, he spells several words, he recognizes several words.  None of that was intentional.  It was simply the result of him expressing interest and needing to find activities to keep him busy while W worked on school.  I'm praying he can start Kindergarten on time because this boy is so ready.

Mother's Day was... interesting.  A went out to grab Starbucks for us and the boys were just awful.  I was in tears when he arrived home and felt pretty foolish.  I think I was just frustrated and so tired of quarantine life.  I had high expectations that the day would automatically be great given that it was Mother's Day.  Sadly, the weather was terrible and we even saw snow flurries.  Ugh.  Thankfully, things improved after breakfast and the guys treated me to a few goodies and lunch from a local restaurant.  All's well that ends well - though I am hoping to leave the house next year. :)

Have I mentioned that I'm getting an intern at work??  ME of all people.  No idea what to do with her or how to provide meaningful work virtually, but I've got an intern, y'all!

I finished my class and got an A.  I'm proud of myself.  It was my first grad class in several years and I did it while working full time, completing eLearning lessons, mothering, and volunteering. 

I know there was more I meant to share, but I'm drawing a blank.  Until next time...

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