Thursday, June 5, 2014

My new favorite product for toddlers...

I spent time with a fabulous mom friend over the weekend.  She has her hands full with a one year old and a two year old, but she is amazingly organized.  W and her daughter played at an indoor play place at the mall and then we decided to hit the food court for lunch.  W is picky, but he loves pizza.  So Sbarro it was.  My friend and I grabbed the pizza and found a table.  She then introduced me to disposable placemats.  Maybe I’m behind the times because I had no idea this awesome product existed.  If I put a plate in front of W, it will wind up on the floor within seconds.  Usually he’ll eat food right off his tray or off of a table.  But who knows how often those mall tables are cleaned – yuck.  Enter the amazing disposable placemat.  It sticks to the table and then you just roll it up with all the crumbs and leftover food when done.  Game changer.  She also had disposable bibs, food pouches, and Plum Organics fruit snacks that W loved.  I was feeling pretty inadequate that I had none of these things in my diaper bag.  I also forgot the high chair cover.  Fail.  I ordered the placemats as soon as I got home.  If you eat out with toddlers often, I highly recommend these.  Genius.

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