Thursday, June 26, 2014

W is 18 months old

I'm a little late on my monthly post...
Happy 18 months, W!

I can’t believe you’re a year and a half.  Half way to two.  That seems impossible.

I’m still waiting for you to really start talking.  You haven’t added many new words.  You started saying no… or more like noooo.  Daddy also taught you to say goal in honor of the World Cup.  I actually think you’re just not interested in talking and when you are, you’ll figure it out quickly.

I am continuously amazed by your level of comprehension.  The other day, I received a box in the mail.  You noticed it had a hole and pointed it out.  I told you there was a hole in the box.  You then ran over near our closet and pointed to the hole in the wall.  You also notice when pictures are duplicated in books.  You have one particular book with a toy car on the cover.  You page through until you find the exact same toy car in your book.  You love to help.  You help us clean by getting out the cleaners, wiping down tables, shaking rugs, and sweeping.  Recently, you’ve been helping us pack for our move.  You also help put cans of pop in the refrigerator.  You love picking up shoes and slippers and bringing them to us.  You always insist that we wear them.  You love to be outside and love to run.  You love orange juice, pizza, and French fries.  You also love chasing and being chased by Addie.  You know where your eyes, ears, nose, mouth, tongue, hair, hand, fingers, belly, feet, and toes are.  You’ve started putting the envelope in the basket at church (which is really cute) and you’ve also started having tantrums (not cute).  You love a challenge, but get angry when you can’t accomplish a task.

We found out that you hate swings, which seems odd?  I thought all kids liked swings.  But you love the slide.

This past month, you’ve gone to the park quite a bit, had a play date at the mall, attended “gymnastics” class, visited mom at work, and went to the farmer’s market and library with Nani.

You still get compliments on your red hair wherever we go.

You are our everything and more, little man.



  1. My little one, 2, hates swings too. I am always slightly envious of the moms that get a quick break from chasing their kid through the playground by putting them in the swing. Hahah, oh well the running is better for my lungs anyway.

  2. I'm glad W isn't the only one! :)