Thursday, February 12, 2015

Our Final Day as a Family of 3

I took one day off prior to baby S's arrival.  I wanted to spend the day with W and didn't want the added pressure of everyone at work talking about delivery day.  I know they mean well, but I just wanted a day where I didn't have to answer questions or hear comments.

I was so pregnant, I knew I wasn't up to taking W to our usual day off destinations - library, mall play place, etc.  I decided the two of us would pick up Starbucks and head over to my mom's house.  And we did just that.

W always loves seeing the cats and my mom was recently given several toys that belonged to her neighbor's grandson.  I knew W would have a blast and I would be able to take it somewhat easy.  A win, win.

It was a great plan.  W had so much fun.  My mom made me sit in her armchair and relax. :)  And I was even able to run a few last minute errands while W played - a trip to the bank, a stop at W's preschool to drop off a check, a Target run, and finally a stop at the local Chinese restaurant for lunch.

The only downside - I didn't pack enough diapers for W.  Oops.  In my defense he pooped 3 times that day - sorry, tmi.

We eventually headed home.  I gave W my phone to play with in the car because I didn't want him to fall asleep.  He needed a diaper change and any time he falls asleep and wakes up after only a few minutes, it's impossible to get him back to sleep.  I jokingly told him not to call anyone.  While we were at a stoplight, I looked back and realized he was in fact calling someone.  Oops.  I grabbed the phone and realized he had called A.  I couldn't help laughing - I NEVER call A; I always text instead.  I knew A would think the phone call meant my water broke.  And he thought exactly that, calling me back immediately.  Unfortunately he had been in a meeting, but I hear his coworkers got a kick out of the false alarm.

Despite my plan, I couldn't get W down for a nap.  For the most part, he was still a good boy.

We ordered pizza for dinner and I packed a few more items.

It was the perfect, low-key day.  Just what I wanted.

That night, I got really emotional.  Our little family of 3 was great and I knew everything was about to change.  It was a change for the better and I was excited to meet S, but I also knew things would never be the same and it made me a little sad.  The feelings are difficult to explain.  As A was playing with W, I made my way upstairs and burst into tears.  The nerves of the following day were getting to me and I was just overwhelmed by my thoughts and fears.

I felt much better afterwards and was so thankful to spend the day with W.  Excluding the emotional/hormonal breakdown, it was the perfect day.

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