Monday, October 26, 2015

Weekend Recap

Our weekend was really busy and exhausting.

Saturday night, I worked at an auction with my mom.  We do this every year and I remember mentioning it in previous post.  I always enjoy volunteering at the event, but it means lots of time on my feet and I don’t arrive home until after 10:30pm.  It’s always great to see the same familiar faces and exchange hugs and stories throughout the night.  This particular auction was one of my favorites because I came home with two awesome prizes that I am ridiculously excited about!!  One is a wine tasting for up to 16 people.  Too bad I don’t have many friends and the few I do have are pregnant, but hoping for a fun night with family!  The other is a ride to preschool on a fire truck for W!!  The fire truck will pick him up at our house and drop him off at preschool!!  Can you believe that?!?  I may be more excited than he is.

The rest of the weekend consisted of walks outside, a haircut, raking leaves, trying to clean up the house only to have it messy again within 5 minutes, church, Starbucks, grocery shopping, and other things that I’m forgetting…

OH!!  And guess which 8 month old finally got some teeth!  His two bottom teeth finally poked through over the weekend. :)

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