Friday, October 16, 2015

Friday Thoughts (mostly on fashion)...

Oh Friday, where have you been all my life??

My 4th Stitch Fix is arriving today.  I had planned on postponing it for a week or two, but we have family photos coming up so I thought I’d see if there was anything picture worthy in this fix.  I peeked at my box online and first impression is I’m not very excited about the contents of this box.  Maybe I’ll change my mind when I see the items in person.  I’d like to say I’m going to take real photos of this Stitch Fix but the chances of that are slim to none. :\

Speaking of clothes, I ordered a plaid top and was super super excited about layering it under sweaters and cardigans.  I could not wait to receive it!  And then I did and I didn’t like it.  Boo.  I hate when that happens.  Such a letdown.  It just didn’t fit well – too big, thicker than I expected, etc.  I’ll be sending that one back.  Very disappointed.

I guess my thoughts are all focused on apparel today.  I LOVE fall clothing.  Remember that striped dress I got from my 3rd stitch fix?  I thought it would look cute with a jean jacket… and I was right!  I used to have one, but never wore it so I must have donated it.  I should have known better!  A jean jacket never really goes out of style.  Anyway, I borrowed this one from my mom and it was a bit big (strange because my mom actually wears a smaller size than I do).  But still a cute outfit.

Nothing special about this outfit, but it felt really fall. :)  Side note:  When I don't have time to blow dry my crazy hair straight, I just throw it up in a loose bun and call it good (like I did in the photo below).  My coworker just asked if I had my hair styled for an event.  LOL!!  If only my life were that glamorous.

In non fashion news, I'm attending a baby shower this weekend for a friend who went through IVF.  Her IVF cycle failed and then she got pregnant naturally!  Love stories like that!

W absolutely loves to help.  This morning, we went to the pantry and grabbed a Nutrigrain bar, unzipped my lunch bag, put the Nutrigrain bar in, and zipped it back up.  He wanted to make sure I had my breakfast.  Then he grabbed my purse and pump bag, walked me to the door, and opened the door for me.  Such a gentleman!  As I was pulling out of the drive way, I saw him at the window waving to me.  Adorable.  I love that little guy so much.

Cheers for Friday!!  And GO CUBS GO!!!

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