Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Baby S is 8 Months Old

S turned 8 months old on Monday.  Shocked at how fast time is flying for my baby.

Sweet S,
Happy 8 months!!
You grew up before my eyes this month. You’re so determined to be a toddler and kiss those baby days goodbye. You definitely focused on your motor skills this month. You’re starting to crawl! You get up on all fours and inch forward. You’re still perfecting your crawling skills, but you’re all over the place and into everything. You’ve decided that baby toys are for... well, babies. You much prefer to play with your brother’s trucks and Little People. You clap on demand and it’s incredibly cute. You’ve started pulling yourself up to stand!!! What?!? This caught us all by surprise. Nani walked in and caught you standing in your crib. Time to lower the mattress. You eat people food and are a big fan. You already eat more foods than W (not that I’m comparing… ahem). So far you’ve tried: waffles, apples and pineapple (in your feeder), tortellini, carrots, French fries, bananas, pancakes, bagels, and mashed potatoes. I think you’ve liked everything you’ve tried. You also sit in the restaurant high chair now and get mad if you aren’t offered adult food. You have no problem picking items up with that pincer grasp so long as the pieces aren’t too tiny. You started taking baths in the big bathtub! We have to keep a close eye on you because you roll onto your tummy and “swim”. You love to splash and play.
You started to enjoy books this past month and you absolutely love being outside. We’ve gone on lots of walks (sometimes 3 per day!!). You’ve also taken a liking to the Exersaucer and Jumparoo, but only in small doses.
You’ve developed a bit of a temper. You know what you want and you want it NOW. When we take something from you (or bring you inside), you let us know that you are none too pleased. And my oh my, do the tears and yells come on. Aside from being overtired, it’s the only time you’re really upset.
Sleeping has been a bit inconsistent this month. You go to bed between 7:30 and 8 and usually sleep for at least 8 hours straight. Unfortunately, this means that you sometimes wake up around 4. You eventually fall back asleep after a bottle, but usually like to talk and roll around for a bit. We’ve had a few glorious nights where you’ve slept 10 straight hours… more of those please!
I’m also proud to say that you’re still exclusively nursing. I never thought we’d make it this long given your size and (big) appetite. I started supplementing with formula at the 8 month mark for W, but we’re still going strong, little man. We make a great team. smile emoticon  One thing of note – you prefer to drink cold milk… That’s a new one for me.
This past month, we focused on enjoying all the wonderful things that early fall has to offer… pumpkin farms, corn mazes, cooler temperatures, the end of baseball, and football. Looking forward to the next month and your first Halloween! You are our everything and more, Baby S.

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