Friday, October 9, 2015

Friday Thoughts

OMG... The Cubs are in the playoffs!!!  The Cubs are in the playoffs!!  We're so excited!

I have some weird cold virus thing going on.  For the past 3 days, I start out feeling ok and by mid day, I feel like crap - tired, achy, and congested.  I'm not sure what's going on, but it needs to go away.  Now.

Work has been crazy lately.  Super crazy.  Insanely crazy.  I have to work this weekend.  Boo.  And then the clinical department called me yesterday and asked if I'd mind reviewing data for them.  Ugghhhh...  Yes, actually I do mind. :\

Go Cubs!!!!

Every so often, there are seminars to attend at work involving the patients who benefit from our prescription drugs.  I find these seminars both fascinating and devastating and I'm always sure to attend.  In today's seminar, we heard about a patient who lost two babies to a rare illness.  Her third child to be affected by the disorder is surviving because of our medication.  Pharmaceutical companies often have a bad reputation for overcharging for prescriptions.  The majority of us who work in pharmaceuticals aren't in it because we want to charge astronomical amounts for medications.  We're here because we understand the science and we genuinely want to help people.  Also, research and development is not cheap.  For every marketed drug, it takes 12-15 years to develop that drug.  Only 5 in 5,000 compounds that enter pre-clinical testing make it to human testing.  Only one out of these five is approved.  Think about the costs associated with that...  When I studied chemistry, I wasn't sure what I wanted to do.  But these seminars affirm that I made the correct career choice.  Even though I no longer work in the lab, I know that the work I do is helping people.

Favorite look this week:
I actually wore this last week and felt so very fall chic. :)  I think it also made me look approachable because several strangers talked to me that day - in the elevator, in the hallway... it was strange.


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