Thursday, October 15, 2015

W Says...

This toddler stage is such a whirlwind (for lack of a better word).  There are times when W is just so much fun and the things he says are hilarious.  And then there are other times when he’s throwing a tantrum and he doesn’t even know why he’s upset.  Anyway, W’s been saying some really amusing things lately that I don’t want to forget…

He tells me quite often, “W buy mommy a yellow car.”  I’m not sure where this came from or why he says it, but fingers crossed that it’s a sports car!

Often says, “Put S down!” and “S, go away!”  And if I ask where he wants S to go, W will say the aker-bee (which translates to bakery).

His favorite color is purple (right now).

Pronounces barricade “carri-cade”.

Has an unhealthy obsession with air conditioners.  Again, I can’t explain it.  But he points out every one in the neighborhood and wants to know if each one is on.  He was pretty thrilled when the heat turned on at school today?

Loves to look down sewer grates to see if there’s water at the bottom.

Tells me he’s HANGRY.

Lately he’s obsessed with names.  When we’re on a walk, he’ll ask each person with a  dog what their dog’s name is.  He constantly asks me the names of the kids in his class.  He asks A what his students' names are and also asks grandma what her CCD students' names are.  Today he asked his teacher what her kids’ names are.

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