Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Weekend Recap

We had the laziest weekend and it was amazing. 😊

Friday afternoon, it started snowing right around 4pm.  As a result, it took me an hour to get home from work.  Ugh.  We ordered Chinese food and after the boys went to bed, A and I caught up on crossword puzzles and Jeopardy.  We are very exciting, obviously.

Saturday.  The boys woke up some time in the 7am hour, which is actually really good for them.  BUT!!!  They got themselves up and went downstairs to play.  I overheard W getting juice for S.  They played really well together and I dozed on and off in bed until 9am!!!  This has never happened before.  I don’t think I’ve stayed in bed until 9am since before the boys were born (unless I was sick?).  A headed out to pick up coffee and juice while I slowly put on some makeup and attempted to put my hair up.  We had plans to go to Target since W was supposed to attend a classmate’s birthday party on Sunday.  However, I received a message that the party was cancelled because his classmate was sick.  This meant that none of us even got dressed.  We stayed in our pajamas all day and played games (Uno, Dos, Sorry!), watched too much tv, and read books.  After a busy week, this was really needed.

Sunday.  Our usual morning routine.  I promise we try to be good at church, but I guess we were all well rested and giggly on Sunday.  I was wearing a black and white striped sweater and at one point, W looked over and said, “Well, helloooo mommy zebra!”, which I found hysterical.  Our church acquired a new painting – it’s a GIANT portrait of Jesus and mounted right next to the pew we sit in every week.  I’m pretty sure this was done on purpose to remind us to be on our best behavior.  A looked at it and commented that it looked like it should be titled “Disappointed in His Pizza Jesus”.  Upon hearing this, W burst out laughing, which made A and I laugh.  SO extra penance is in order for us.   I hope Jesus has a sense of humor. :\

That afternoon, we headed out to meet one of my college friends for lunch.  It was so great to catch up with her.  I can’t remember what the remainder of the afternoon entailed, but I’m sure more games and tv shows were involved.

Monday.  Another low key day.  We went out for lunch and ran a couple errands.  I made lemon chicken and penne per W’s request.  Any time this boy requests something other than pizza or chicken strips is worth celebrating!

One other thing I want to mention.  W has always been shy in public.  He talks nonstop at home, but is really, really quiet at school.  In fact, the only somewhat negative thing his teacher noted in his first report card was that W didn’t often raise his hand to participate in class and he seemed reluctant to ask for help.  Neither of which was concerning to me because I really think the participation will increase as he becomes more and more comfortable.  I am the exact same way.  But I digress.  Last week, A and I received a message from W’s teacher.  She told us that W had volunteered to do a reading at the K-2 school mass on Tuesday (today).  I was a bit shocked.  My sweet boy who doesn’t always speak up in class was volunteering to speak in front of six classes of students?!?  He practiced his lines all weekend and delivered them today.  A sent me a video and he completely nailed it.  I’m so incredibly proud of him!!

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