Friday, January 17, 2020

Weekly Update

I’m just realizing that I never did a weekend recap and it’s Friday.  Honestly, it was a very mellow weekend and that made it great.  Saturday was snowy.  A offered to get us coffee and juice (he’s the best!) and we spent the remainder of the day indoors.  The boys made a Lego city that took over the entire dining room table and we worked on a 500 piece puzzle.  Sunday, S requested that we go out for breakfast after church so we did just that.  I ended up meeting with the preschool Executive Board (it sounds fancy, but it’s not) to discuss tuition rates while the boys went grocery shopping.  And that was our weekend.

This week has been crazy.   I had a preschool board meeting on Wednesday night, which meant I didn’t arrive home until 10pm.  And then this happened yesterday:

I arrived home from work to a frantic A and S.  S is in tears.  A is near tears.  They quickly explain that they were playing hide and seek, but W cannot be found.  Hmm... ok.  So we’re all yelling, “W, come out, the game’s over!! W, you’re scaring us!! W, are you ok?! W, we’re worried, you need to come out!! W, we’re going to call the police for help!! W!!!!!!”  Many variations of the same worried, panicked pleas for W.  At this point, I’m scared out of my mind.  We’re all thinking the worst... W is injured, he can’t breathe, he was taken.  A is running around outside, I’m looking under/behind everything, we’re checking the sump pump sewer area, looking in containers in the crawl space, S is calling for his brother.  It’s complete and utter chaos.  We’re about 2 seconds away from calling 911, when W emerges from behind a chair (that NO ONE thought he could fit behind), angry that no one found him.  NO MORE HIDE AND SEEK IN OUR HOUSE.

Happy Friday.

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