Friday, March 6, 2015

Baby S is 1 Month Old

Dear S,

Happy 1 month, big guy! That sure went fast!

Aside from a couple days here and there and evenings, you're a very content baby. You love to eat and you take long naps (thank you!). You consistently eat every 3 hours, but will go 4-5 hours at night.  You often take a long nap in the morning and another nap in the early afternoon.  You love baths.  You have gorgeous blue eyes and I hope they don't change.  It's incredibly sweet when you look me in the eyes while I'm feeding you. :)  You're already wearing some 3-6 month size clothing (mostly onesies and one pieces) - you have a long torso just like your brother.  You also have really tiny ears and enormous feet. :)

We've taken you out and about quite a bite - to church, Starbucks, the grocery store, lunch dates, and dinner and you're always perfect.  Mommy also took you to work where no less than 6 people held you and countless others stopped by to admire you.  You were a perfect gentleman and slept the entire time.

Your big brother adores you. He's constantly bringing you pacifiers, blankets, and bottles and he's always talking about Baby S.  He helps with bath time and throws out your diapers.  He loves you so much and I know you'll have so much fun together.

You're a perfect addition to our family and we love you so much. Like we tell your brother, you are our everything and more, baby S.

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