Sunday, March 29, 2015

Spring Break

I was so looking forward to Spring Break!  A would be home for an entire week.  And an extra set of hands?  Yes, please!

Unfortunately, the weather was cold and dreary.  And we even got a little snow?!?  Not funny, mother nature.  But we still made the most of A's week at home.

Spring break didn't start out so great.  We had our taxes prepared.  Sort of.  Turns out the tax preparer needed additional information so we have to return.  But it looks like we owe money for the first time ever.  Whaa whaa.  I also had a dentist appointment that afternoon and I have my first cavity in 7ish years.  So not a very good Monday.

Tuesday was a bit better.  A and I took the boys out for lunch.  Nothing note worthy about lunch, but I always enjoy getting out of the house and the boys were great.  That afternoon we took W over to Nani and Papa's house for a sleepover.  Nani offered to take W for the night and A and I were so excited to only have to wake in the night for one boy.  Naturally, W slept through the night just fine at Nani and Papa's.  The first time he's slept through the night since March 11.  Yes, I remember the date.

Wednesday, we picked W up from Nani and Papa's and headed to the Children's Museum.  These places always give me anxiety.  So many children running around, the noise, the germs, the chaos... I'm kidding.  Kind of.  We'd never been before and spring break was probably the wrong time to go because it was crazy crowded.  I hated it.  But W loved it!!  And I supposed that's all that matters.  W even cried when it was time to have lunch.  The water room and car wash were his favorites.


Thursday, we visited my sister-in-law for a play date.  I have a 9 year old nephew, 7 year old niece, and a 4 month old nephew.  W loves his cousins and enjoyed playing with their toys and exploring the house.  It was great to catch up with my sister-in-law and W must have had a great time because he slept through the night that night.

Friday, we had another play date.  I've known Krista since junior high.  She has a 3 year old daughter through IVF and a 2 year old son.  Her son was a surprise natural conception when her daughter was only a few months old - I love hearing stories like that. :)  I hadn't seen Krista since the summer, but she's one of those rare people you can go awhile without seeing and then just pick up where you left off.  Love her!  We met at the mall play place and then had lunch at the food court.  W fell asleep on the way home and I treated myself to a Birthday Cake Frappuccino.  A fun day.

Saturday morning, we colored Easter eggs.  I think W was more excited about the set up than the actual coloring of the eggs.  But he did enjoy naming all the colors and dropping the eggs into the cups.  Only 2 cracked eggs - better than I expected.  After that, A and I went on a lunch date while my mom watched the boys.  I had been wanting to try out Cheddar's and I loved it.  Nothing fancy, but any restaurant that has cheap margaritas and comfort food is a win in my book.  I had a margarita, spinach dip, soup, and a bunch of sides including broccoli cheese casserole... so yummy!

Sunday was our usual church and Starbucks.

A heads back to work this week and I actually do too!  More on that later.  All in all, it was a wonderful Spring Break and I'm sad it's over.

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