Thursday, March 12, 2015

This Week

I wish I was coherent enough to write a more interesting, witty post, but the sleep deprivation is getting to me. :)  Both boys are actually sleeping right now and I should try to nap, but I know as soon as I lay down, one of them will wake up.  It's inevitable.

We've had quite a busy week.  Lots of time spent outdoors (spring is finally here, maybe?), visitors, and trips to the doctor and salon (a much needed hair cut for W).  In other exciting news, S smiled for the first time!! :)  Our week in photos...

Quickly growing out of 0-3 month clothing.  I'm trying to make sure he wears everything before it's too small.
Pre hair cut
Pictures of S are so much easier - he's not always in motion like big brother!
Baby snuggles :)
Using forks to make tulips.
We've been out for walks every day!
1 month stats - Doctor says keep doing what you're doing.  That makes me feel good.  Tough to read, but 95th percentile for weight, 98th for length!

Poor S is losing his hair. :(
I wanted to use this photo in S's birth announcement, but I couldn't make it work with the layout.  These two have my heart.

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