Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Weekend Recap

S was a bit under the weather yesterday so I stayed home with him.  He ended up sleeping for over 12 hours last night and we’re hoping he kicks this bug quickly.

We had a good weekend and even got a couple of inches of snow on Sunday.  It looks so pretty and festive outside!

One of the highlights of the weekend was the pancake breakfast on Sunday.  Santa happened to be there.  S wanted nothing to do with Santa and W asked for a trampoline and garages for his town and then asked for garages for S so that he could play too!  It was a nice change of pace from hearing, “I don’t like him” and “I don’t want a brother…”  He’d never admit it, but I know W loves and looks out for S.

After that, it was time to drop off gifts for our adopted family.  I love, love, love doing this every year.  Seeing the multitude of gifts for needy children and all the cars lined up to drop things off restores my faith in humanity.  It always brings tears to my eyes.  As we dropped our gifts off, the snow was falling peacefully and it was just a beautiful sight.

This week, we’re hoping no one else catches whatever bug S has and preparing for W’s 4th birthday party on Saturday.  I can’t believe he’ll be 4 soon!!  Where does the time go?!?

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