Monday, December 12, 2016

Weekend Recap

Hello from cold, snowy Illinois!

We had a great weekend!!  As I mentioned, we celebrated W’s 4th birthday on Saturday.  He was SO excited and had been counting down the days to his party all week.  It was garbage truck/recycling themed, but I didn’t go crazy.  A banner, balloons, and a few decorations were enough.  We picked up mini sandwiches from a local deli, I made mac and cheese, and we had lots of yummy appetizers.  I have 2 nieces and 2 nephews and our friends came over with 4 of their kids so we had a house full of kiddos, which was lots of fun.  W did a great job thanking everyone for his gifts and it was a perfect day to celebrate my biggest boy.  And after everyone left, I barely saw W because he was so busy playing with all of his new toys.  S, the party animal, fell asleep on me by 6pm. :)

I actually got out the camera for a change so these are the only party pics I have.

The sandwiches and mac and cheese went in the open space

 Saturday night, the snow started falling.  We got about 2-3 inches of snow, but it stopped long enough for us to attend church and Starbucks.  Then we headed home to await the next snow storm.  S has always been independent, wanting to do things on his own and keep up with big brother.  At one point, he asked for something in the pantry and I said no.  Next thing I know, he opened the pantry door, pushed a chair over to the pantry, climbed up and grabbed whatever it was he wanted.  Ugh.  W got a train set for his birthday that S also loves.  The thing is, S doesn’t understand being careful or gentle and constantly knocks over the bridges and disconnects the tracks.  I’d fix the bridge for him and a short time later, it was knocked over again.  At one point, I fixed it and went into the kitchen for something.  I hear S say uh oh and I asked if his bridge was broken again.  He went to the drawer and grabbed the Scotch tape. :)  He also spilled some juice and went to the drawer for a towel.  Nearly 2 going on 5?  Then W.  Somehow he found my Christmas hiding spot – a closet in the basement that no one ever opens (until now).  Luckily everything was in boxes except for a couple cups I had planned to put in his stocking.  He comes running up the stairs yelling, “Look at this owl cup I found!” and proceeded to take off the wrapper, pull a chair up to the sink, and wash it in “hot” water so he could use it.  I’ve got my hands full with these two.

We stayed inside all afternoon as the snow fell.  It looked so peaceful and beautiful outside.  When I was a kid I used to hope and hope for a white Christmas.  There’s a good possibility this year!  

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