Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Stitch Fix #16

Wanted to do a quick Stitch Fix review since I’m already way behind with this one.  Kate has been styling me for quite awhile and I continue to request her because I feel like she just gets me.  Once again, Kate did an amazing job.  This Fix certainly did not disappoint and I ended up taking two of the items to Europe with me.

First up was the Makai Halter Swing Knit Tank Top.  I had my doubts about this one, but only because I was concerned about fit.  I had seen a photo of this (or something very similar) on another Stitch Fix subscriber and it seemed more fitted and short.  Maybe that person ordered a smaller size or has a different body type.  Regardless, I loved this when I put it on.  I think everyone knows I’m a sucker for a floral print and this was loose and so so comfortable.  Definitely a winner.  And I love it with the cardigan for work.  KEPT

Next, was the Daniel Rainn Vivienne Floral Print Sleeveless Blouse.  I love Daniel Rainn tops and my stylists frequently send them because they know I’m a fan.  Daniel Rainn tops are usually not too fitted, a bit dressier, and perfect for looking more put together at work.  This top threw me because of the fit.  I loved the color and overall look, but it was tighter than I expected.  I was also not a fan of the camisole that came with it.  I actually looked to see if I could exchange this for a larger size, but there wasn’t another top available.  I ultimately decided to keep this for the discount.  A few days later, it dawned on me… remove the existing cami (which was attached by a few threads) and replace it with one of my own.  As soon as I did that, I was much more comfortable and ended up wearing this under a blazer while I worked in Europe.  KEPT

Then it was time for the Katelynn dress.  I had this pinned and loved the bright colors in it.  I wasn’t sure this was super flattering (I think the waist could be a little higher maybe), but I really liked it nonetheless.  As my mom suggested, I think this would look really cute with a jean jacket.  All in all, very comfortable and great for work or even errands with the boys.  I tend to live in dresses during the summer since I don’t wear shorts.  KEPT

I requested a pair of distressed jeans because I think they look great on others and I wanted to give them a try.  I’ve never worn distressed denim and was a little worried about looking sloppy.  I loved that these Hope Distressed Fray Hem Skinny jeans were not too holey and I really like this entire outfit.  I try to keep my outfits balanced so I think I’ll wear these jeans with nicer tops to avoid looking too ragged (if that makes sense).  I did exchange these for the next size up because I was a bit nervous about them being too tight (especially with the holes) and I didn’t know how they’d hold up in the wash (though I’ve never had any issues with my SF jeans shrinking).  As a side note, I think A is weirded out whenever I wear these because I don’t seem like the “distressed jeans type”.  KEPT

Finally, one of my favorite SF items to date.  I absolutely love this Cristen Shirt Dress.  I love the pattern and overall style.  My only complaint is that it can be short when I sit – being a shirt dress, there isn’t any stretch or flare and it doesn’t button all the way down, which makes complete sense.  And if it wasn’t a shirt dress, it would lose some of its charm.  All of this rambling to say, this dress is amazing, but I have to sit like a lady, which is not a problem (thus far).  I brought this to Europe and wore it around Paris so it will always have a special place in my heart.  I should note that A mentioned he loves this dress and I was asked by a stranger wear I got it so major win!!

This fix was one of my favorites to date and I’ll definitely get lots of wear out of each of these pieces.  Another winner!!

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