Monday, July 10, 2017

Weekend Recap

Not a lot to report on this weekend.  It was low key, which was very much needed.

We let W choose where to get pizza from on Friday and he selected one of our favorite places.  S was a bit cranky and wanted to sit with me during dinner.  Of course W was feeling left out and came to cuddle with me too.  A snapped these pictures, which perfectly sum up the dinner outing (and the majority of our dinner outings for that matter).  Ha.  I love their expressions... these boys love their mommy and I love them so much.  I'm so incredibly thankful for them.

Saturday consisted of a couple errands.  I had to go to the bank and W asked if we could go to the branch near Grandma’s house.  That led to asking if we could stop by Grandma’s house, drive past Grandma’s house, drive through Grandma’s neighborhood, and so on.  The boys had a haircut scheduled for 12:45 so I called my mom and asked if we could stop by afterwards.  Thankfully, she obliged.  The haircut went well and the boys had a great time per usual at Grandma’s house.  We ended up spending the majority of our visit outside.  The weather was beautiful.  S fell asleep on the way home and slept 12 hours.  W slept nearly 12 hours as well, which was great!  Maybe we need to visit my mom more often. ;)

Sunday was our usual.  A cleaned out the car, we rearranged S’s room to better fit his new bed, I packed suitcases for our upcoming trip – it was a very productive day.  So far, S is doing really well with his new bed and we’re hoping this continues.  Look how proud he is... :)  And if you want a before look...

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