Monday, July 31, 2017

Weekend Recap

Thankfully, we’re all feeling better and made it through the weekend with no one puking.  #winning

Friday was a busy day for us.  I worked from home since I was still not feeling great.  The boys got to see their favorite recycle truck driver in the morning and gave him treats, but we were so disappointed to learn that he’s moving to Texas and we’ll only see him two more times before he moves.  He’s such a nice guy and we’ll definitely miss seeing him every Friday.

That evening, we headed out to Touch a Truck.  We went to a similar event last year and the boys loved it so I thought this would be a hit.  The first truck we saw was a garbage truck and the boys were excited… annnnd then they saw a bouncy house and were very excited about that.  Sigh.  I reminded them that we were there to see trucks, but after visiting the garbage truck and school bus, they were anxious to jump in the bouncy house.  I told myself that it was ok, we were really there to have fun, but in all honesty, I hate those damn bouncy houses.  So after S was nearly trampled multiple times, we headed back to the trucks.  Naturally, both boys wanted to visit the garbage truck again and I began talking to the driver.  I explained that the boys were obsessed with all things garbage/recycling and often waited for our recycle man every Friday.  He seemed to be familiar with the boys and asked where we lived.  I explained and mentioned that our driver, Willie, was moving to Texas and the man told us he was taking over for Willie!!  I couldn’t believe it.  So we know our new recycle guy and he seems just as nice as Willie. J  Yay!!

W usually hates photos, but every now and then, I get lucky... he'll tell me to take one because he's doing something cute. :)

From there, we had to drop off the townhouse keys with our new tenants.  Happy the townhouse is sort of ready (still need to fix broken windows) and we have new tenants!  The boys got to bed really late and I had a feeling they’d be cranky the next day.  I try so hard to get them to bed on time because I know they’re not themselves when they’re tired and it makes for a challenging next day.

Sure enough, they were cranky and difficult all day Saturday.  It felt like we were taking two steps forward, one step backward all day long.  One example… the play room was a complete disaster.  After telling the boys they needed to put away toys countless times, I had had it.  I told them every toy I picked up was mine and they could earn it back by doing a chore.  I thought my plan was genius!!  They actually seemed excited about doing chores?!?  Go me!!  Annnnd then they started fighting over the Windex spray bottle (never mind that I had countless other spray bottles and places to clean) and W smacked S on the head.  So much for my brilliant idea.  After time outs for all, things settled down and I actually had a relatively clean downstairs.  The boys’ chores consisted of wiping windows and tables, sweeping, and feeding Addie.  They managed to earn back all of their toys.  But the rest of the day was much like that – arguments, time outs, defiance, and complaining.  One thing I have to note – A has discovered the awesomeness that is Pinterest and it is the best thing ever!!  He pins recipes AND makes them.  We’ve been in such a dinner rut lately and we’ve always been really bad at meal planning.  I think we get into a better groove during the school year.  Anyway.  On Saturday, A made pineapple chicken in a marinade along with grilled veggies.  So good!!  Of course, W refused to try it while S asked for 3 helpings.  At least they balance each other out?

Sunday was much better.  We started the day with church, we sat outside at Starbucks, and went to the mall.  The boys were great at the mall.  They tried on sunglasses while I returned a sweater and helped me smell every candle until we found our favorites to send to Aunt Lori.  We headed home and the boys played in their little pool and on the deck for the remainder of the afternoon.

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