Monday, August 7, 2017

Weekend Recap

I actually had a post written for Friday and forgot to publish it.  Oops. I wanted to mention that A and I spent much of Thursday painting at a low income school in Chicago.  My company partnered with the school some time ago and we’ve completed several projects since.  This particular project saved $30,000+ for the school.  A and I really enjoyed spending the day together and ended up covered in black paint.  It makes me want to find more volunteer activities to complete with A.

Friday morning, we got a taste of fall.  The weather was in the 50's - unheard of for August.  I loved it!!  As such, I had to dress the boys as if it were fall... ha!  They obliged...

We all went out to lunch with Nani.  The food was so yummy and the boys were great.  I’m hosting a bridal shower for my future sister-in-law at the restaurant towards the end of the month and I think it will be the perfect place.  My mom came over Friday evening for pizza and to do some research on  She’s fascinated by tracing our family tree and I’m getting into it too so that was fun.  So far, we’ve traced ancestors back to Poland, Ireland, and England, and found documents showing my ancestors owned slaves!  It was definitely challenging with the boys around – they wanted to play with Grandma so we’re planning on another ancestry get together soon.

Saturday was my birthday.  Some years, I look forward to birthdays and don’t really mind getting older and other years, birthdays get me down.  Unfortunately, this year, I was feeling pretty down.  We’ve had an incredible summer and I’m so thankful for opportunities, but since our failed FET and IVF consult, I’m just feeling really old (I know 36 isn’t old, but in terms of fertility, it’s practically ancient… at least for me).  Despite all that, the boys spoiled me with a birthday lunch, wonderful gifts, and not one, but two cakes.  And A got us tickets to see Hamilton!!  Not sure if I’m more excited for Hamilton or a date with A.  Either way, I can’t wait!!  I love my guys more than words can say.  Here’s hoping 36 is a great year for me…

Sunday was our usual.  Both boys helped me make my famous mac and cheese and we spent time playing outside and cleaning up around the house.  It was a relatively low key weekend, which was just perfect.

And stay tuned for a VERY special guest post tomorrow!! :)