Tuesday, August 8, 2017

A Post From A!

A here.

So I last contributed to C’s blog one year ago.  I can’t say this year was as good or bad as prior years, but it did have its good and bad moments.  Here’s a quick look back (C, feel free to add anything to this list that I might have forgotten or overlooked).

Good- C’s birthday!!!! W and I made her a cake.

Good- The Olympics.  I’m glad it didn’t come to Chicago, but I do enjoy watching most of the events.

Good- W and S visiting “Grandpa’s Tree” for the first time ๐Ÿ’—

Good- Back to work.  Oh, the excitement of a new school year!

Bad- Back to work.  No more hanging out with the boys.  No much lunch dates with C.  Back to lesson planning and dealing with early adolescents.

Good- C and I take an archery class.  Watch out Katniss… C’s got some mad archery skills!

Bad- Tantrums and meltdowns (W and S’s… not C or me)

Good- S at Cubs games.  He seems to enjoy them!

Bad- W at Cubs games.  He says they’re too loud and crowded.  I say I can’t blame him…

Good- W and S taking preschool classes.  They’re growing so quickly!

Bad- W and S taking preschool classes.  THEY’RE GROWING SO QUICKLY!!!!!!!!

Good- Corn Maze, Apple Orchard and Halloween.  Always enjoy being outside during autumn.  Plus, we toured the neighborhood for candy with a little owl and skunk!

Good- The Cubs win the World Series!!!  The Cubs are the champions of the world!!!

Bad- The Presidential Election.  Did America really just elect this dick!!??!!

Good- W’s 4th birthday!!!  He’s the smartest, most inquisitive 4-year-old I’ve ever seen :)

Good- Merry Christmas!!!  Christmas is just better when you celebrate it with your children :)

Good- In bed before 10:00 on New Year’s Eve.  Hey, it’s exhausting raising two toddlers.

Good- Seeing the World Series trophy.  Standing in line for 3 hours in the cold just to stand next to the trophy for 15 seconds???  Yeah, I’m looking forward to doing it again this year!

Bad- New battery, new brakes and new tires on my car.  Gotta have them, I guess.

Good- S’s 2nd birthday!!!  Love sharing a birthday month with this guy :)

Bad- My birthday.  Getting closer and closer to 40…

Bad- W and S’s colds, ear infections, vomiting, hand-foot-mouth disease.  I wouldn’t say the boys get sick all of the time, but when they do it sure isn’t fun…

Good- C and I playing hooky and going on a doughnut date and doing some Easter shopping.

Bad- Me waking up with something in my throat and coughing on the day we played hooky.  Cold would last for months.

Bad- Being nervous at my Spring clinic because I was certain that I would have to be admitted into the hospital.

Good- Not having to be admitted into the hospital!!!

Bad- Losing 9 pounds since last clinic appointment.

Good- Gaining almost all of the weight back in a matter of a week or two.  Clinic’s scale must’ve been defective because I never gain weight that fast!

Good.  In fact, better than Good- 8th grade graduation!!!  By far, the most challenging year of my teaching career comes to an end.  So glad I’m done with them!

Good- Europe.  I fell in love with C all over again ๐Ÿ’•

Good- The boys’ preschool 4th of July parade.  Might I actually enjoy parades now???  Probably not, but I did have fun!

Good- Vacation to Maryland.  Always great to get away, even if it’s a long drive.

Good- Vacation to Bethany Beach.  Great hotel.  Great view.  Great time.

Bad- W’s hour and a half meltdown the first morning at Bethany Beach.  And it was all about not having Starbucks for breakfast!!!

Good- “Extra hot sauce!!!” C and I don’t know where the boys came up with this one, but it’s hilarious and adorable.

Good- DVR/On Demand and Chill.  This is Us, Love Connection, Hollywood Game Night,  Rattled.  I’m forgetting some I’m sure.  Oh, and by chill, I do mean chill.  Relaxing.  Vegging.  Whatever you want to call it.  Kids are in bed.  Mom and Dad get their much needed, albeit short, brain and body break.

Well, looking over the list, there are 24 “Goods” and 11 “Bads.”  Maybe the past year wasn’t too bad after all.   

Regardless if the year was good or bad, it sure did go by quickly.  They tend to as you get older.  And have children.  Days, weeks, months and years seem to go by so much faster than they did when I was a kid.  Not quite sure if that’s good or bad.  But one thing’s for sure, the time is never dull.  

I’m not quite sure when I’ll contribute to C’s blog again.  Honestly, I thought I would have written a post for her at least once before this birthday, but that didn’t happen.  I suppose if you would like to get insight into our lives, but from the husband/father perspective, you could always read my blog… It’s at https://theotherwestysidestory.blogspot.com/.  

Happy Birthday, C!  I love you ๐Ÿ˜˜


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