Friday, August 11, 2017

Friday Thoughts

Did you see that A started a blog?!?!  I’m still shocked!!  Of course, as soon as I read the post he wrote for me, I had to click on over to his blog and read all of his posts.  He’s a great writer and I love reading things from his perspective.  I hope he keeps up with the blog and I’m eagerly awaiting more posts!!  (The Other) Westy Side Story

Speaking of A, he had CF clinic on Tuesday.  I had to work and was disappointed I was unable to make it.  I’m still not sure what to make of his results.  The doctor he met with seems clueless to me.  I’m not a fan and keep hoping she’ll leave for a different position.  A’s lung function was slightly down, but he wasn’t told any real numbers.  One of the nurses gave him a percentage, but it seemed way low for him and I don’t think it was an actual number – more like an estimate she calculated in her head.  He usually gets a print out of his spirometry results, but they never report percentage, just the FEV1 and FVC results (I then convert those numbers to percentages and plot his lung function over time – I might be a nerd).  A feels good and his weight is the HIGHEST!! it’s ever been.  Remember when it was way down last appointment (we still think the scale was off)?  How he’s feeling seems to be the best indicator of his health, but still a little nervous about his actual results.

I dressed for fall today complete with a chartreuse cardigan and booties.  I then looked in the mirror and thought, “Nope.  Too soon.”  BUT I can’t wait for fall!!  And for future reference, when is it socially acceptable to dress for fall?  September?  Whenever the temperature is in the 50’s?

A returns to school next week.  I’m going to go ahead and declare that this was the best summer EVER!!  I keep reminiscing about our trips to Europe and to Maryland/Bethany Beach.  Park trips, lunch dates, long walks…  The boys are so much fun at this age (most of the time – when they aren’t tired or hungry).  I love hearing W speak like a little grown up (“that’s just how life is, mom”) and S doing his best to speak like a grown up, but sometimes mixing up words.  I’m so sad it’s all coming to an end and can’t believe BOTH boys will be in preschool this year.  Where does the time go??


  1. "Might be a nerd"???

    Oh, and I don't understand these words "chartreuse cardigan and booties." Live model will help me understand ��