Thursday, February 20, 2014

14 Months of W!

Happy 14 months!!

This past month has been a doozy.  Crazy weather (snow, dangerous cold, and rain today?!?), busy weekends, and colds for all of us.  Much to my disappointment, you didn’t add very many words to your vocabulary this month (words are my favorite milestone!!).  You have said uh oh and down a few times.  Grandma W says you say hot when you spy her coffee.  You have started following directions.  I’ll say “go get a book” and you do.  I’ve also told you to put something in the garbage and you toddle right over to the trash.  Your dad and I have both witnessed you pick up lint off the carpet, walk over to the trash can, and throw it away.  Grandma G has told you to go get her glasses.  You find them and bring them to her.  This morning I was telling you that we were going to go bye bye and we were going to Nani’s house.  I walked into the kitchen and turned around to find you standing there with your coat! 

You LOVE to read.  LOVE!!  I think we go through at least 20 books a day and that’s not counting the books you read with your grandmas.  You get bored pretty quickly with story books, but love pop ups and books that have flaps to open.  The exception to this is Pete the Cat story books.  We read Pete the Cat Saves Christmas every single day.  I had to order another Pete the Cat just to give myself a break from Saving Christmas.

You’re running all over the place.  You stand yourself up in the middle of the floor without any support (you actually started doing this at 13 months).  We’ve started to do puzzles.  You haven’t quite gotten the hang of it, but I’ve watched you match the pictures on your farm puzzle.  We still get comments all the time on your red hair.  We went grocery shopping for Super Bowl snacks a couple weeks ago and no less than 3 people came over to say hi to you and comment on your hair and cuteness.  Last week while we were grocery shopping, a lady came over to say hi and gave you a bag of animal crackers (daddy wouldn’t let you have them).  You’re getting a little better about eating.  The rule seems to be if it’s meat or bread, you’ll eat it.  Anything else belongs on the floor.

One other exciting thing that happened – your mom submitted a picture of you to Baby Gap (I can’t help it, I think you’re the cutest ;)) and you were featured on their Facebook page. :)

I think that covers it.  We’re having so much fun watching you grow and learn!

I've been slacking on pictures...

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