Thursday, February 27, 2014

Happy Birthday A!!

Happy Birthday to my fabulous husband!  Here are just a few things I love about A:

1.       He is patient.  Not just patient, but like the most patient person EVER.  As a middle school teacher, he puts up with A LOT.  But he never loses his cool.  He doesn’t get aggravated, irritated, upset like most people would in a stressful situation.  Which leads to my next point…

2.       He never gets angry.  I can count the number of times I’ve seen A angry or really upset on one hand.  Actually only 2 situations come to mind.  It’s one of the things I admire most about him.  While I’m fuming, he remains calm, cool, and collected.

3.       He’s committed to our marriage (as am I).  Do we disagree every now and then?  Sure.  But it happens rarely these days.  If we have differing opinions on something or if one of us (me) is upset about something, we talk through it.  I think we both agree that nothing will break us, nothing will come between us.  We are stronger together.

4.       He never criticizes my shopping habits.  Admittedly, I probably spend way too much money on clothing.  I love dressing W, myself, and A too for that matter.  Although, I should be better (MUCH better) at budgeting, A has never made me feel guilty about it.

5.       He is a teacher.  He molds young minds.  He puts up with poor behavior, raging hormones, and bad attitudes in an attempt to make 12-14 year olds respectable, contributing members of society.  He calls parents.  He gets to know his students.  And most importantly, A genuinely CARES about his students.  He wants them to succeed and he tries his best to make that happen.

6.       He is insanely good at trivia.  He remembers countless useless facts.  He can quote lines from tv shows and movies.  He remembers events that happened years ago.  He remembers who the Cubs were playing the night of our first date.  I always want him on my team when we play any sort of trivia game - he blows away the competition.

7.       He knows everything and anything about Chicago sports teams.  When I hear the term die hard sports fan, I think of that crazy guy yelling at the ref about a bad call.  A call that was fair, but was made against his team and therefore it was bad.  This is NOT A.  Not at all.  A UNDERSTANDS sports.  Not just rules, but why certain players are drafted, why a specific play was called.  He knows players.  Not just names, but what they are capable of and when they should be brought into a game (or taken out).  He understands strategy.  His sports knowledge amazes me.

8.       He never EVER complains about having CF.  EVER.  I’m sure it sucks having to do his vest every day and I know there are times when he’s having tummy pains, but you’d never know it.  He doesn’t complain about doctor’s visits or medications.  He just deals with it and goes on with life.

9.       He supports me in all I do.  In the time we’ve been married, I’ve had 4 jobs, enrolled in graduate school, travelled a bunch.  My recent travels have required A to solely care for W.  Not an easy task.  Yet he does it willingly, without complaint.  If the roles were reversed, I know I’d be whining.  He’s always been the biggest enthusiast for all my endeavors.  He's there for me when I'm down and he listens to all my worries.  He lets me vent and sympathizes with my frustrations.

10.   He is an amazing dad.  He is an excellent role model for W.  I love watching my boys play together and read together.  They chase Addie.  They go to swim class and take walks together in the summer.  They even dress as super heroes (cape and all) occasionally.  I know they’re going to have so much fun attending baseball games together when W is older.

I could come up with many more, but this is a good start. J

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