Monday, February 10, 2014

Catching Up

I took a little <unplanned> blogging hiatus.  I usually write on my lunch break, but my breaks haven’t really been breaks lately.  So here’s a little recap of life lately:


Saturday (2/1) – Church.  W was feisty and I was reminded why we typically stick to Sunday morning mass.  Late dinner afterwards resulted in a cranky toddler who refused to eat chicken and threw everything he could get his hand on on the floor.  We attempted to clean up our mess, but left a nice tip just in case there were some remaining scattered chicken pieces, crackers, or French fries.  On the bright side, despite the mess, we weren’t very disruptive and the restaurant was empty… phew.  Dinner outings sure have changed!

Sunday (2/2) – Play date with a friend from high school, a couple other moms, and their kids.  I had a blast and I think W did too.  It’s fun seeing him interact with kids the same age.  He kind of observes them, but does his own thing.  He was also really shy at first.  My sweet friend also went through IVF and I love talking to her about her experiences and future children.  She actually recommended our current RE to us.  As she said, “you don’t ‘get it’ unless you’ve gone through it.”  I’m hoping for lots more play dates.  Her little ones are 23 months and 9 months so W is right in the middle.

Tuesday (2/4) – Flew to Philadelphia… at 6 am.  In order to make the flight, woke up at 3am.  UGH.  I should’ve played the Lotto because Philly got hit with a snow storm Monday and Wednesday and Chicago got hit Tuesday night.  I made it home just as the snow was starting to fall Tuesday night.  Talk about good timing.  And most importantly, I made it home in time to kiss W goodnight.

Thursday (2/6) – Thursday just flat out sucked.  I learned that a person I recommended for a job opening wasn’t getting the job offer.  I felt horrible – like I set her up for disappointment.  I never led her on and never gave her the impression the job was hers (I don’t think), but I know she wanted it.  And I can’t help but feel responsible for disappointing her.  Then there was a little birthday celebration for a colleague and I was not invited.  Apparently someone “forgot” to add me to the invite.  The invite came from a lady who has never been friendly to me.  I actually interviewed with her and apparently she had concerns about hiring me.  This is the same lady who was asked to show me around the office and introduce me to people when I first started, but she never did.  She'll say hi to everyone at an event and skip me.  I’m certain she’s never liked me, but I have no idea why.  Maybe she wanted the job I was interviewing for?  No clue.  So when everyone in my department was included on the invite – except for me, I was pissed.  I have no tolerance for that level of immaturity and ridiculousness.  Seriously, grow up.  And then the best part – when I didn’t show up to the birthday celebration, she asked where I was.  Lame.

Friday (2/7) – After the crappy Thursday, I decided to take a half day.  I needed a break from the office and my car was in desperate need of an oil change.  I think just about every reminder light had appeared on my dash.  So I picked up lunch, headed to the car dealer for the oil change and routine maintenance, went to the bank, picked up contact lenses and headed home.  I feel pathetic using precious vacation time for this stuff, but when do people get these types of things done?  I usually plan them for the weekend, but I swear it’s either -40 degrees or snowing every. single. Saturday. and the car dealer is closed on Sunday.  And I like going to the dealer because they have a record of all the work done on my car.  ANYWAY, I got home and found a package containing homemade treats from an awesome friend in Georgia.  Caramel Snicker Doodles - they were amazing!!  Then I received a text from my boss asking if she could call me.  Uh oh...  She called and told me she had good news.  I was transitioning to a new position at work, but thought it would be a lateral move.  I knew the new department paid a little more, but I wasn’t expecting much of an increase at all – I was just excited about learning a new role.  Turns out, they were treating the move as a promotion!  I’m very excited.  We’ve been <slowly> saving for a new house, but I’m hopeful that this will help us save up a little faster.  Hooray!!

Saturday (2/8)– More snow.  Got my haircut.  I had high hopes for taking W out to the library and a dinner outing, but the snow ruined that.

Sunday (2/9) – Church, Starbucks, grocery store, cleaning.  AND W was featured on the Gap Facebook page.  Baby Gap is by far my favorite place to shop for kids clothes.  I was so excited to see that he had been featured this week. J  Oh, and I found my dream house.  It made my heart skip a beat.  It was perfect in every way.  A and I drove past it and it didn’t have a sale sign out – I can only assume this means that it sold… we’re not ready to move yet, but I could’ve made an exception for this house. 
Today - Coworker crushes my house dreams.  He says it's too close to the railroad tracks.  It is.  But it's sooooo pretty.  :)

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