Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Gripity, Gripe, Gripe

This is about to turn into a gripe fest and I know I'm going to sound whiny so sorry in advance.

1.  I've been trying to work on the same report for 2 days at work and I haven't gotten to it because I've been responding to countless emails and questions.  I think I'm actually going insane and I don't understand how the same people are coming up with a bajillion questions... I mean they can't be getting any work done if all they're doing is asking me how to do things?!?  These tasks should not be that difficult...  And I did not become a teacher for a reason several reasons.  I don't know how my husband does it.

2.  W woke up 3 times last night and I have no idea why, but it was brutal.  I was doing ok until after lunch.  Then it was all downhill and I'm about to crawl under my desk and hide from questions.... also I might as well take a nap while I'm down there.

3.  I follow a few different blogs.  They are mostly mommy blogs with a couple infertility blogs thrown in.  I've read quite a few instances of moms who claim they're just not ready for another baby for reasons x, y, and z.  And then a month or two months later they're announcing a pregnancy.  This drives me crazy for a few reasons (I know it shouldn't - it's not like I KNOW them).  How can you not be ready and then all of a sudden you are?  Did you win the lottery?  Did you receive a major promotion?  What changed?  I.don'  Also, I'm jealous/envious that people get pregnant so quickly.  It takes me 3 months to schedule and prepare for IVF and then it doesn't work.... so it could take me years to get pregnant.  So mommy bloggers, do us all a favor and don't tell us you're not ready to be pregnant if you're fertile and trying.  It's really annoying.

4.  Work is hazardous to my health.  There are always cookies, cupcakes, and treats.  And I have no willpower.  And I hate my body right now.  Ugh.

5.  I leave for San Francisco in 2 weeks.  You might think I'm looking forward to site seeing or a good night's sleep.  I am.  But the thing I'm most looking forward to... setting my work email auto reply message that indicates I will not be responding to any emails until I return.  I.cannot.wait.

 6.  I have big plans to do an entire post on Easter, which includes several photos and I'll probably never get to it.  I suck at photos.  Mainly because I have to put a darn watermark on every single one so no one does anything inappropriate with pictures of my sweet man.  People suck.

7.  Yesterday as I was driving home, I kept thinking about the house that wasn't.  I'm still sad.  I feel like someone stole our house.  I know we're not in a hurry to move, but I'm so impatient and I still feel like that house was meant for us.  Boo.

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