Monday, April 7, 2014

Weekend Recap

This weekend got off to a rocky start, but turned out fabulous.

Friday, we were supposed to go to a fish fry at our church.  I was to meet my mom, A, and W there after work.  I arrived and the line was incredibly long to get in.  My mom suggested I call A and tell him to meet us at another local restaurant.  We just weren’t sure how long it would take to get into the church fish fry and W isn’t exactly patient.

So A and W arrived at the restaurant and W was just not happy.  He didn’t want to sit in the high chair, didn’t want to eat anything, and just cried.  He definitely made a scene.  When he finally settled, I went and got some soup and salad.  I attempted to open the lid of the big soup crock and the entire lid fell into the pot of soup.  Lovely.  I tried to put the lid back on, but it seemed to be the wrong size?  So I set it on top of the crock.  (I should also mention, there was no room to set the lid on the table)  I ladled my soup and returned the ladle to the crock.  The ladle barely grazed the lid that was resting on top, and the metal lid went flying off, clanking all the way, until it shot off the back end of the table.  I’m telling you, that thing was possessed.  I apologized to the waitress and returned to my seat where W immediately spit up all over the place.  Perfect.  I’m pretty sure, we can never return to that place.  It was embarrassing, awkward, frustrating, and a host of other feelings.  I actually suggested we leave, but dinner had already been ordered. :\  My mom reminded me that W was usually really good and I shouldn’t expect him to be perfect all the time.  He was a toddler acting like a toddler.  Of course she’s right.  Suffices to say, we’ll be eating dinner at home this Friday.

Luckily Saturday was much better.  The weather was nice and we were able to get outside for two walks.  A and I got our taxes done and even squeezed in a lunch outing.  I love when the two of us can enjoy a meal together.  It very rarely happens (once every 3 months?), but when it does, it’s bliss.  We also discovered a foreclosed home in our neighborhood that has lots of potential.  It isn’t listed yet so we know nothing about it, but it makes me hopeful.

Sunday was church, Starbucks, grocery shopping, and another walk.  I also made a yummy dinner.  I think that’s going to be my new thing on Sunday – make a delicious dinner with lots of leftovers that we can finish off during the week.

W was awesome this weekend.  He’s been so silly/funny lately and he’s picking up lots of words.  He now says uh oh, ball and bowl (which sound the same), stick, truck, and duck (which all sound like duck), and he said car this morning.  I love it.  Also yesterday, I may have seen a spider and freaked out.  I HATE spiders.  W started mimicking my screaming and laughing at me.  J

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