Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Reflecting on the house that wasn’t…

I’m still bummed.  I don’t think we’ll be able to find another house in the same vicinity.  One that is in our price range, will allow us to build a fence, has the perfect color scheme, and a bar in the basement….  I had already started envisioning where the Christmas tree would go.  Sad, but true.  When I found out that we were preapproved, I got my hopes up.  And I couldn’t help thinking “How often do you find a house in which you wouldn’t change a single thing?  Every room was painted with the perfect colors to match our furniture.  It’s even right near a park.  It was meant to be.”  Except it wasn’t meant to be for us – it was meant to be for someone else. :*(

I sent A this email and it made me feel a little better…  “Most things don’t work out for us the first time around, however, in the end, they turn out just right.  Examples: Our first round of IVF was an epic fail.  The second time around, we got W and it’s pretty darn obvious to everyone that he’s perfect.  Our townhouse.  We made an offer on the other townhouse.  It didn’t work out and we ended up with ours, which I think is much better than the first one.  My first car.  Lemon.  Enough said.  I really love my CRV.  Parenting.  Our first (fur) baby is crazy.  Our second baby is much better behaved (ok, I threw that in to make you laugh).

The only thing we got right the first time around was marriage.”

So I’m trying to have faith that we’ll find our perfect house eventually.  Even if I am really sad and disappointed and can’t imagine finding something better…

On the bright side, I know we qualify for a loan.  We’ll have more time to save up.  We’ll have more time to become educated on renting our townhouse (still very nervous about that).  We’ll have more time to pay down our existing mortgage.  Sigh. L

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