Monday, April 21, 2014

W is 16 Months Old

Happy 16 months, W!  You turned 16 months on Easter. J

This month has been SO much fun!  The weather is FINALLY warming up and we’re spending more and more time outside.  You absolutely love being outside and cry when we come in.  You’re usually a very happy guy and it seems that you learn something new every day.  You know at least 50 words now and can follow instructions.  You say: mama, dada, up, down, duck, stick, truck, amen, uh oh, ball, bowl, and basketball.  You’ve said car, Addie, puffs, and a few other words, but have only said these once or twice.  You also say can – as in can of pop (dat), vacuum (googoo? I’m not sure what exactly you say, but you say it consistently and very often), and you have a very distinct sound for clock, but I’m not counting these because they are really hard to make out.  You point at EVERYTHING and want to know the name of it.  You love pointing to each and every basketball hoop while we’re out for walks.  This month, you started taking a music class with Nani and we went on our first zoo trip of the year.  We also visited dad’s class and you had your first official hair cut (you hated every minute of it).  You love watching Jeopardy and your favorite things to do lately include playing with the vacuums, running, playing with Grandma G’s cats, and throwing balls down the stairs (as well as several other items that you get in trouble for i.e. cars, Legos, vacuums, your ride on dog, toy boat, socks, hats, etc).  You still love Pete the Cat.  You often get compliments of your red hair and cute outfits (mom will take credit for your stylish wardrobe;)).  You’ve gotten quite independent recently and aren’t afraid to walk around the places you’re familiar with (church, grocery store).  My favorite month to date!

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