Wednesday, May 28, 2014

17 months of W

I’m way overdue on posting W’s 17 month update…

Happy 17 months, W!!  I don’t think there have been too many changes this month.  You continue to understand so many words and commands.  You haven’t said too many new words, but your understanding amazes me.  Mom and dad went on a little trip and we heard that you said “pop” for grandpa and some version of Uncle Matt. J  You say go, but I don’t think you quite understand what it means.  I’ll tell you that we have to go bye bye or daddy had to go to work and you’ll repeat go.  Perhaps my favorite thing that you’re doing is pointing to pictures of mom and dad and saying ma and da.  Last night, you pointed to a picture of Elin Nordegren and said ma.  It made my night.  Anytime you want to compare your mom to a model is fine with me. J  We had a rough month in terms of sleep and illness, but I’m hopeful that we’re all on the mend.  This month, you completed a music class with Nani.  You spent time away from both mom and dad for the first time.  Your most favorite thing is being outside and you often cry when it’s time to come in.  You still love Jeopardy, trucks, and balls. J

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