Monday, May 19, 2014

Weekend Recap

This weekend was so much fun!  The weather is finally improving.

Saturday, I got a much needed haircut.  Then it was off to lunch with my boys for a belated Mother’s Day celebration.  We ordered W an apple juice and he was OBSESSED – I actually had to hide it so he’d eat.  We normally stick to water at home.  Then it was off to Babies R Us for puree and diapers and Target for groceries.  We ended the day with a walk. J

Sunday was church and a carnival at W’s future preschool.  He had so much fun and I so enjoyed watching him have a blast.  He laughed at the frog mascot, played games, checked out a fire truck, enjoyed a petting zoo, and went on his first pony ride.  I was hesitant to let him ride the pony because I thought he’d be frightened, but he had a smile the entire time he was on the pony.  I topped off the day my making a really yummy tomato, basil chicken and pasta dinner.  I’ve really enjoyed making dinner on Sundays – gasp!


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