Wednesday, May 21, 2014

The house hunting saga continues

We fell in love with one house.  The very next day after we saw the house, an offer was made and we missed out.  Then, I fell in love with another house.  It was slightly more expensive than I was comfortable with, BUT it was gorgeous.  Open floor plan, finished basement, large yard.  Perfect in every way.  I fell in love all over again.  It was bigger and better than the first house.  So we scheduled a walk through and I was SO excited.  I thought this could be IT, this could be OUR house!  The day we scheduled a walk through (just one week after it was listed), the realtor called to tell us there was an offer and it was under contract.  I actually cried.  I LOVED this house.  So maybe the third one I fall in love with, will be the one.  But for now, I’m completely dejected and disappointed.  :*(  We decided we were ready to move and it seems like the rest of the world did too.  L L L
This is what we'll be missing out on.  Told you it was beautiful.  Wouldn't you cry too?

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