Friday, May 2, 2014

This Week

This week has been a tough one.  Or maybe emotionally draining is a better way to describe it.  There were definitely a few low points, but I’ve been trying to focus on some of the positives I’ve noted this week.

1.       My friend that suffered the brain hemorrhage may be moved out of ICU soon.  I’ve texted him and received replies.  I’m taking these as good signs and hoping for continuous improvement.

2.       We have nightly dance parties and I LOVE them.  W hasn’t been himself and I think he’s teething again.  He’s been extremely clingy, whiny, and cranky.  Not like him.  BUT every night before bed, we have a little dance party and let me tell you, W has some moves. J

3.       I’ve had quite a few friendships disintegrate over the past year.  I felt really bad about it.  I took it very personally.  I think I’m finally completely over it.  This week has helped me realize that when it comes to friends, quality is far more important than quantity.  I guess I always knew that, but it really sunk in.  I’ve seen friends come together to help another friend.  I received an unexpected phone call from a friend who just knew I needed support and someone to talk to.  I asked another friend for advice and he was incredibly helpful.  I’m so so grateful for the meaningful friendships I do have.

4.       It’s a new month.  Sometimes it just feels good to start fresh.  A and I ordered Chinese food last night.  When we were done eating, A handed me a fortune cookie.  At first I was confused and thought the fortune had been printed on different paper than usual.  But I soon realized I had a personalized fortune – “Great things will come your way in May”.  It was sweet and thoughtful and totally cheered me up. J  I love A.

So despite the low points, I’m feeling very blessed. <3  Welcome, May!

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