Friday, February 12, 2016

An Update on A

I meant to post sooner but busy work days and a cold have left me in survival mode.  Today I’m really feeling the effects of this cold and sleepless boys (who’ve also been hit with the same cold).  Anytime, the boys are sick, they’re up multiple times in the night and since they’re both not feeling well, you can imagine how our nights have been going lately.  I’m so over winter and cold viruses.  But I do have some good news to share…

A had his CF clinic appointment on Tuesday and it went very well.  It was a huge, huge relief.  If you remember, at his last appointment, A’s lung function was down significantly.  His doctors were a little concerned and mentioned an IV if things didn’t improve by the next appointment.  Of course, that sent me into panic mode because we thought A’s appointment was right before S’s birthday and when A is on IV medications he’s not at all himself.  He sort of turns into a zombie – tired, weary, listless.  So it turns out that we were a week off and A’s appointment was actually after S’s first birthday.  A was up 4 pounds – his highest weight EVER and his lung functioned has improved.  It wasn’t up as high as it had previously been, but still, it was up.  So all in all,  a really great appointment.  We also got to see A’s favorite doctor and the nutritionist (is that her title?) who we both love.  I had the psychologist put a note in A’s file in case anyone ever wants to speak to us about the process of starting a family.  I want to make sure other couples affected by CF know that there is hope and that it is possible. 

We went out to lunch to celebrate after A’s appointment and I somehow lost my debit card – fail.  And we also picked up paczkis and an owl cookie for W at a nearby bakery.  Side note: I thought W would be so excited about the cookie because owls are his favorite.  Well, he told us he couldn’t eat the cookie because the owl didn’t like being eaten and would get hurt.  He went on to say that the owl wouldn’t be able to hear or talk and wouldn’t be able to say Who Who.  Wow.  So we won’t be buying any more owl cookies.  Also, I’m not sure why he’s worried about hurting an owl cookie, but has no trouble pushing and hitting his brother.  Sigh.  Anyway, it was a great day.

And I guess this is worth mentioning since I’m talking about A… A put in a request for job sharing at his school.  I was so hoping it would work out.  Basically, A would teach part time and be home with the boys part time.  We crunched the numbers and decided that if the opportunity presented itself, we’d make it work financially.  The boys will only be little for a short time and the part time schedule would offer a perfect work/life balance (and provide a bit of relief for our moms).  Sadly, one of the most important criteria for job sharing is finding someone to share with and A couldn’t find any takers.  I’m disappointed it didn’t work out, but proud of A for trying.  Maybe there will be another opportunity in the future. :\


  1. Terrific news about your husband - Happy Valentine's Day to you and your sniffle-y family <3.

    How many days 'til Spring?

    1. Thank you!! And yes, hurry up, spring!! :)