Wednesday, February 3, 2016

W Says

"I love hugging with you."

A: Tomorrow is Friday!  The best day of the week!
W: Yes!  It's GARBAGE Day!!!

"Nani needed to go home and take a break."

"The downstairs smoke detector is beeping.  The handicap man will have to fix that one too!"

Our bedtime conversation:
W: Do we have Rex-tris-ree?
Me: I'm not sure what your saying?
W: Rex-tris-ree
Me: ummm... Where would I find it?
W: In the house.
Me: ...
W: Rex-tris-ree makes lights work.
Me: Oh!!! ELECTRICITY! Yes, we have electricity. Anything you plug into the wall outlet uses electricity.
W: But the kitchen lights don't plug in?

W's version of Goodnight Moon: Goodnight walls, goodnight smoke detector, goodnight humidifier, goodnight potty...

W: Aidan wasn't at school today. Maybe he gots an ear infection.
Me: Maybe. I hope he feels better.
W: Mommy, I don't want to give my friends ear infections.
Me: You won't, kiddo. You've been taking your medicine.
W: I think Jaxon lives in Chicago and Aidan lives in February.

Me: Hey, W, you have red hair just like that little boy.  What color is mommy's hair?
W: Looks at me... "Gray!"
In case you were wondering, I may have a few gray strands, but my hair is definitely NOT gray!

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