Friday, February 19, 2016

Friday Thoughts

A little life update because I haven’t done one lately.

My baby is officially walking!  That’s right – S took several steps two days ago and since then, he hasn’t stopped.  He’s my little dare devil.  Constantly climbing over and through things, up the stairs.  The other day, W was taking a bath and S was reaching in, grabbing toys and splashing.  Next thing I know, he dives face first into the tub full of water.  And it didn’t even phase him.  He was back up and ready to do it again a few seconds later.

Work has been crazy and stressful lately.  My boss has been constantly checking in and that’s making a stressful situation even worse.  Uggh.  I’m hoping things settle down soon.  It’s our first time working together on a major project and I think we’re both learning how to deal.

Have I mentioned we’re going on a little vacation next month?  We’re heading to Florida with A’s side of the family.  I’ve been finding items to keep the boys busy on the airplane, researching rental cars, and trying to figure out how to best navigate the airport with two toddlers.  Eek.  Hoping for a fun little adventure!

I’m off to visit a friend and her new baby tomorrow.  I have no doubt I’ll be leaving with baby fever.

The temperatures were in the 50s today!!  I don’t think we’ve experienced that in over 3 months.  So exciting!  The boys were able to get lots of fresh air.  I think it’s supposed to be nice again tomorrow so I see a long walk in our future.  Come on, spring!!!

Preschool has been going great for W!!  He had an assessment a couple weeks ago and scored really well.  I’m so proud of him!!  On another note, I don’t really fit in with the other moms.  They are all stay at home moms and have play dates at each other’s homes.  I’ve never been invited and I’m fine with that (we couldn’t make it anyway unless it was on a weekend).  I’m usually rushing out of preschool in order to call into a meeting or get back to my computer.  The mom who organizes the play dates has the kid who’s constantly hitting, knocking down others’ block towers, and taking the toys from other kids.  I’ve actually seen him slap another kid in the face repeatedly.  Now, I know it’s normal toddler behavior to hit or take a toy occasionally and it’s part of the learning process.  BUT the way she talks to her son in that sing songy baby voice after he’s acted inappropriately has no effect whatsoever.  And there are really no consequences for his actions.  I’m trying not to be judgmental, but the less W is exposed to that, the better – we have enough trouble with him being mean to S.  So I’m ok with not being included in this little preschool clique.  Anyway, another mom, also not privy to the play dates, friend requested me on FB last night and I was so happy to know that not all the moms hate me.  Lol. (Perhaps I’m being a little dramatic)

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